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Retreat Himalaya 2017

Registration opens October 2018

Combine traditional Vedic wisdom with modern movement techniques to enrich your life.

Retreat Himalaya is a unique opportunity for meditation and self-enquiry with two yogis
who have lived their life in the pursuit of freedom and fulfilment.

Wisdom is not something that can be learned. Rather, wisdom is recognised from within as the voice of our knowing Self, and reveals a state of freedom and lasting fulfillment. At both the annual Retreat Himalaya and the weekly Satsang Online webinar, Rebecca shares her wisdom. Through her lifetimes’ study and meditation with a sage in the Himalayas, she reveals the most precious jewel of oneness with all who join her spiritual discourse.

Having lived more than thirty years in India, Rebecca has imbibed and speaks from the knowledge of non-duality (Adwait Vedant philosophy). Her message is the essential key that enables one to turn their attention from the concerns of the mind, to realise the freedom and joy that is their true Being.

At Retreat Himalaya, the day begins with meditation and extends into a gentle and deeply transformative conscious breathing practice called Pranic Awareness. Pranic Awareness will enhance your meditation practice and also works to align disordered energy in the mind and body through scientifically proven breathing techniques.

After breakfast, Rebecca initiates the satsang, which is the enquiry that guides the mind to the recognition of its source power. Having ignited the inner enquiry, satsang continues throughout the day in meditation, contemplation, and in discussions with Rebecca, Mayank, and fellow participants during the breaks and on the walks.

On alternative afternoons, the group will take gentle walks in the surrounding countryside, experience the culture of original Himalayan lifestyle, and be wowed by the magnificent Himalayan views.

In the late afternoon, the group will meet again in the Meditation Mandala, a forum where Rebecca invites questions and discussion, an opportunity to delve deeper into the satsang enquiry of the day. The session ends in meditation.

In the evenings, after dinner, Rebecca and Mayank lead a vibrant Kirtan (singing of simple, ancient mantras and bhajans), building an atmosphere of pure joy and freedom.

Fundamental Movement invites you to rediscover your natural range of motion.

Mayank specialises in teaching Fundamental Movement to explore how primal movements of the body relate to opening new pathways in the brain. “When we are in pain, we are stuck in a pattern of sensory motor amnesia. This can be changed through relearning our movement patterns to reawaken dampened neural connections between our brain and our body.” —Mayank.

Mayank's Fundamental Movement classes are based on Soma Yoga, a gentle, deep practice to restore sensory motor awareness to our body. His classes also include other movement therapies to restore natural movement:

Original Strength is a system based on resetting the relationship between body and mind. By consciously doing early childhood developmental movements, such as crawling and rolling, we reset the body-mind connection and re-establish the effortless movement we experienced as children. These primal movements stimulate and thereby reset our vestibular system, strengthen core muscular strength, and reset walking patterns that have caused structural misalignment.

Foundation Training develops strength in our posterior muscle chain, the most influential muscle group in the body, to build a strong base in order to increase our flexibility and endurance.

I was a teacher by profession and then pursued a career in music. Having experienced the unifying power of music, I was curious to know the subtle interconnectedness between us all. Keen to probe deeper, in 1986 I came to India to understand the source of sound through meditation at the International Meditation Centre ( I.M.I ).

When I came to India, I was fascinated with Indian classical music. I studied tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) until a repetitive strain injury forced me to take a break. Along with Rebecca and other friends at I.M.I, I was still able to play kirtan (spiritual chanting), and I came to experience this music as a profound channel to deepen my meditation.

Alongside my enthusiasm for music, I have practised Hatha Yoga throughout my years in India. I teach yoga at I.M.I., and I am a certified Soma-Yoga teacher. I have been awarded a Masters in Meditation and Yoga from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad World Yoga Council, India.

Through Soma-Yoga, I found a great means to enable people to reconnect with their own movement patterns by awakening sensory motor awareness. This has led me to discover the emerging wave of primal movement science. I started teaching a class I call Fundamental Movement, to encourage even those without a yoga practice to come and move in a non-threatening way. Fundamental Movement builds basic core strength and flexibility through simple primal movements. These movements correct alignment and posture, enhance strength and stability, and reconnect the relationship between your body and mind by firing neural muscular connections in the brain.

Kullu Valley HimalayasHimalayasTHE KULLU VALLEY
Free from life's usual pressures and demands, to be in the company of those who are drawn to meditation and Self enquiry, Retreat Himalaya is a rare opportunity to directly experience inner silence and the inherent wisdom that we are whole and complete.
Through meditation, discussion, pranayam, Fundamental Movement, and walks in the beautiful Kullu Valley, we will explore the wonder, joy, and power of our true Self.



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