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"Wisdom is not something that can be learned. Rather, wisdom is recognised within as the voice of our knowing Self, and reveals a state of freedom and lasting fulfillment"Shikhaa

About Shikhaa
In 1985, Shikhaa travelled to the Himalayas of India and met an enlightened master, who lived the freedom that he spoke of. Since then, Shikhaa has been immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Self enquiry.

Shikhaa has imbibed and speaks from the knowledge of non-duality (Adwaita Vedanta philosophy). Her message is the essential key that enables one to turn their attention from the daily concerns and conflicts, to realise the freedom and joy that is their true nature.

She is now living in New Zealand, holding regular classes and weekend retreats at Strathean Retreat Centre. She also meets her students, an international satsang community, for weekly Satsang Online. Her exploration into the vastness of our true Self is uplifting and dynamic.

"To answer the questioning state of mind, one needs an enquiring mind. Satsang is the enquiry into the true nature of our Self. Self enquiry reveals you as the Seer, the light of consciousness, which dispels the contradictions and conflicts of the mind when it is focused only on what is seen."  —Shikhaa