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Meditation & Movement - Satsang & Song
December 2—6, 2020
at Strathean Retreat Centre, Te Horo
Integrating Self-Awareness and Meditation in Daily Life

End of Year Meditation Retreat

"Thank you for a wonderful retreat. You both radiate so much love to everyone in the group. It is truly wonderful and life-changing. I will certainly come again next time." —Lies Vandenassum, Netherlands

There are no steps, no stages, no attaining, no striving, no labels, no dogmas

What is Advaita Vedanta (non-dual wisdom)
and how does it illumine the way to live in the awareness of freedom and love?

Meet Shikhaa and Mayank
Shikhaa and Mayank have returned to NZ after 35 years living in India, having imbibed teachings from the wisdom tradition (Advaita Vedanta). They are modern spiritual teachers who share this ancient knowledge in a relevant and accessible format. They are living examples of what they teach and make meditation accessible, practical and fun.



  • Discover the power of embodied awareness.
  • Inspire a regular meditation practice in your daily life.
  • Transform your perspective on mind-dramas, worries, stress and agitation.
  • Learn conscious breathing practices to cultivate a power to remain centered.
  • Rest and take a 'dip' in the source of your Being and know that you are not born to suffer.

    Gentle Aware Somatic Movement
    You will practice:
  • Grounding, stabilising and strengthening mind-body connections.
  • Down-regulating and revitalising your nervous system.
  • Awareness of how to breath and move in order to nourish your brain and body with
    healthy Functional Movement practises.


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Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo, (1 hr. north of Wellington).

December 2-6

COST (per person):
Two person shared accommodation: $690
Single accommodation ($10 extra per night) $730
(Accommodation, all meals and teachings included)

Day attendance (all meals and teachings included) $150 per day

If you cannot attend the full 5-day retreat, write to us for options for partial attendance.
Camping option on the beautiful Strathean grounds is also available.

There are no levels in meditation; the Wisdom of Meditation program is suitable for all.

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