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Mayank's Soma Yoga Class

Wisdom of Movement
Gentle Somatic Movement with Mayank

Conscious Movement = Vitality = A Happier You

Re-pattern: Open connections between your brain and your body.
Release:  Relax muscle tension and soothe your nervous system.
Revitalise: Reduce chronic pain and improve posture and mobility.
Restore: Enjoy your full range of motion, strength and balance. 

When: Tuesdays 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. June 4 – July 23
Where: Kowhai Room, Te Newhanga Kāpiti Community Centre,
15 Ngahina St. Paraparaumu.
Tuition: $15 (waged) $10 (unwaged)

Lower Hutt
When: Fridays, 11am – 12pm. June 7 – July 26
Where: St Marks Wesley, Lopdell Hall, 58 Woburn Road, Lower Hutt
Tuition: $15 (waged) $10 (unwaged)

Regardless of your age or ability Somatic movements are gentle and accessible to everyone.

Bring a blanket or yoga mat and a small cushion (approx. 13”x 13”)


There are no levels in meditation; the Wisdom of Meditation program is suitable for all.
For any inquiries, write to Oma.