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Meet Shikhaa & Mayank

Shikhaa and Mayank have been living in India, immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Satsang (the tradition of non-dual wisdom) for thirty-five years. They are modern spiritual teachers who share this deep knowledge in a relevant and accessible way.

Their teaching style is light, joyful and profound.  Whether you are meditating for the first time, already established in a meditation practice, or a yoga/meditation teacher, you will benefit from their guidance.

Their programs are focused on evolving Self-awareness and include:

  • Satsang
  • Meditation
  • Pranayam
  • Soma Yoga & Fundamental Movement
  • Kirtan

The core of non-dual wisdom (Advaita Vedanta) is the realisation of one unified Self. Satsang inspires enquiry into the Self through discourse, discussion, contemplation, meditation, and the application of that knowledge in action.
Shikhaa’s spontaneity, sprug from her in-depth knowledge of the human condition, inspires all who join her spiritual discourses to unearth the most precious jewel of wisdom from within themselves. Her students find her satsang relevant to their direct experience of life and very helpful to unfold ease in their busy every-day lives. Her genuine passion in sharing non-dual wisdom, inspires dynamic and illuminating interactions in her classes.

Shikhaa’s guided meditation leads the mind directly to the ever-present awareness that is your true Self. “Meditation is natural and allows the revelation of your true and ever-free Self to unfold. There are no steps, no stages, no attaining, no striving, no labels, no dogmas.” After meditating with Shikhaa, one is able to effortlessly and joyfully integrate meditation in their daily lives and witness the upliftment of their well-being.

Living in a world where our nervous system is so often over loaded and distracted, we need help to rest and relax.  Shikhaa has customized six simple breathing exercises, from traditional pranayam practices, to help ground, balance and relax the misaligned energy of the nervous system.  Her innovative breathing program is perfect for adapting to a busy lifestyle. It can be completed in just a few minutes or extended for longer periods.

“Everyone’s body type and varying levels of mobility is perfectly unique. I strive to inspire people to move more and to tune them into how their bodies work and what they can do to maximise their precious time by incorporating small aware movement practices throughout the day.”  Mayank

Mayank's Fundamental Movement classes are based on Soma Yoga, a gentle, deep practice to restore sensory motor awareness to our body. Regardless of your age or ability, you can re-pattern and revitalise your brain and body.
Mayank’s movement classes explore how to incorporate simple, conscious movements into day-to-day life combating the stress put on the body from habitual, misaligned movement patterns.

Through a range of non-threatening, accessible somatic movement patterns and exercise, you will:

  • Correct misaligned posture
  • Release muscle tension
  • Build sensory motor awareness
  • Build new neural pathways between your brain and body
  • Build and maintain strength and stability
  • Naturally increase a greater range of motion
  • Increases your energy level
  • Enhance your enjoyment of moving through life with your body

KIRTANSpirit of Kirtan
All children sing and hum to themselves; it is a natural bubbling up from inside to express freedom and contentment. Kirtan is not a performance, rather it heals the scars that may have been built in the mind from the pressures of performing. Kirtan is to be sung like an innocment child, singing with the joy of simply being alive.

While living in India, Shikhaa and Mayank studied Indian classical music. Singing ancient Sanskrit mantras deepens the space for meditation. The vibration of the Sanskrit language is in tune with the subtle energies of the human nervous system. Therefore, singing kirtan creates a stillness, which alleviates the involvement with daily concerns and uncovers our inherent love and joy. However you participate in kirtan - singing or simply meditating, you will be enriched by the atmosphere that uplifts the spirit.

“Kirtan is a direct and heart-feltway to access the source of our vitality and unleash the spirit of our original freedom.”─Shikhaa

“Kirtan is a profound channel for meditation. The meditative space that kirtan cultivates is tangible in the nervous system and in the mind.” ─Mayank


There are no levels in meditation; the Wisdom of Meditation program is suitable for all.
For any inquiries, write to Uma.