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Meditative music enlivens our soul, elevates our consciousness and deepens our meditation.
Here is a collection of bhajans, mantras, dohas, and spiritual chanting, you can download.


Shyam Hum
With great sensitivity and originality, ‘Shyam Hum’ is Lalit’s musical expression of a lifetime of meditation and devotion to the expanded Self. Singing a combination of English songs and Hindi poetry written by his Guru, his unique melodies are inspired from the source of love. One who listens to Shyam Hum will be transported to the subtler dimensions of experience. With much delight I am presenting his sublime music to share with you all. Listen to two samples of Shyam Hum.

$12.50 USD
Aatma Vichaar Chanting CD

Aatma Vichaar
An exquisite musical interpretation of Sanskrit and Hindi poetry. All tracks are Lalit’s original composition, in which his depth of meditation is evident in the vibration of his music.

$10 USD

Shikha Amaram Chanting CD

Shikha Amaram
Is a collection of traditional Indian songs (Kirtan). The tone of Rebecca’s voice reaches the heart of purity. She is accompanied by Lalit’s beautiful guitar compositions.

$10 USD

Madhram Chanting CD

In the same gendre, Madhuram is a sequel to Shikha Amaram. Rebecca's new CD of classic Bhajans, includes two traditional Indian raagas. If you enjoyed Shikha Amaram you will love this.

$10 USD

OM Meditation Mantras

OM Meditation Mantras
Rebecca and Padma, accompanied by Lalit's beautiful melodies, sing nine traditional Sanskrit chants in the mantra jap tradition. A perfect atmosphere for meditation or as a musical sanctuary to ease your mind and body amid stressful urban environs. A gift of soul from the Himalayas of India.

$10 USD

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