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Combine traditional non-dual wisdom
with meditation to enrich your life.

Retreat Himalaya is a unique opportunity for meditation and self-enquiry with two yogis
who have lived their life in the pursuit of freedom and fulfilment.

Enrich Your Spirit!

Retreat Himalaya: Arrival day Sunday Sept. 20 - Departure day Saturday Oct. 3
Retreat Himalaya program: meditation, somayoga, satsang (Self enquiry), pranayam (conscious breathing practices) kirtan (chanting) and gentle walks through Himalayan villages and into high altitude forests and meadows. (click here for full program details)

Saturday Oct. 3: Departure day (see travel page for details)

The final 2 days of Retreat Himalaya 2020 will allow more time for silent meditation and silent Himalayan walks in order to assimilate and integrate the teachings. You also have the option to depart before these 2 silent days if you wish.

During the 2 silent days we will observe ‘noble silence’, which means mindful communication. Self expression and questions relating to meditation and Self enquiry is very much welcomed. Meditation, Soma-yoga, kirtan and the meditation-mandala (Q&A session) will continue in the day’s program. (see program details)



Tucked away in a small Himalayan village in India, Shikhaa and Mayank host a popular annual, international meditation retreat, Retreat Himalaya.

For more than thirty years, Shikhaa and Mayank have lived in India, immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Satang (Self knowledge). Having imbibed teachings from the Vedic tradition of non-dualism (Advaita Vedanta) they are modern spiritual teachers who share this ancient knowledge in a relevant and accessible format.

Shikhaa and Mayank are guiding lights to all who wish for freedom from the mind’s limited view and the body’s limited mobility.  Join them and let your heart, mind and body be expanded in the discovery of true freedom.

Shikhaa and Mayank are living examples of what they teach. Join them to meditate and integrate healthy thinking and movement into your life, and fully live your life consciously and lovingly.

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Kullu Valley HimalayasHimalayasTHE KULLU VALLEY
Free from life's pressures and demands, to be in the company of those who are drawn to meditation and Self enquiry, Retreat Himalaya is a rare opportunity to directly experience inner silence and the inherent wisdom that our true Self
is whole and complete.
Through meditation, discussion, Q&A, pranayam, Soma-yoga, and walks in the beautiful Kullu Valley, we will explore the wonder, joy, and power of our true Self.

Shikhaa and Mayank’s teaching styles are light, joyful and profound.  Whether you are meditating for the first time, already established in a meditation practice, or already a meditation or yoga teacher, you will benefit from their guidance.

Their programs are focused on evolving Self awareness and include satsang (self-enquiry) meditation, pranayam (conscious breathing practice), Soma Yoga, Fundamental Movement and kirtan (chanting simple Sanskrit mantras).
Click Here for full program details.

The essence of Advaita Vedanta is the realisation of one unified Self. Satsang inspires enquiry into the Self through discourse, discussion, Q&A, contemplation, meditation, and the application of the knowledge in action.

Shikhaa’s in-depth knowledge of Advaita, inspires all who join her spiritual discourses to unearth the most precious jewel of wisdom from within themselves. Her students find her satsang very relevant to their busy every-day lives. Her genuine passion in sharing non-dual wisdom inspires dynamic and illuminating interactions in her classes.

Shikhaa’s guided meditation leads the mind directly to the ever-present awareness, free from identification with the troubles of the thinking mind. “Meditation is natural and allows the revelation of your true and ever-free Self to unfold. There are no steps, no stages, no attaining, no striving, no labels, no dogmas.” — Shikhaa

After meditating with Shikhaa, one is able to effortlessly and joyfully integrate meditation in their daily lives and witness the upliftment of their well-being.

Living in a world where our nervous systems are constantly over-loaded, we need to learn how to rest and relax.  Shikhaa has customized six simple breathing exercises, from the traditional pranayam practices, to help ground, settle and relax the misaligned nervous system.  Her innovative breathing practice can be completed in a few minutes - adapted for a busy lifestyle - or extended for a longer period to deepen your meditation practice.

“Everyone’s body type and varying levels of mobility is perfectly unique. I strive to inspire people to move more and to tune them into how their bodies work and what they can do to maximise their precious time by incorporating small aware movement practises throughout the day.” Mayank

Mayank's Fundamental Movement classes are based on Soma Yoga, a gentle, deep practice to restore sensory motor awareness to our body. Regardless of your age or ability, you can re-pattern and revitalise your brain and body.

Mayank’s movement classes explore how to incorporate simple, conscious movements into day-to-day life combating the stress put on the body from habitual, misaligned movement patterns.

“Very often our aches and pains are due to a loss of awareness called Sensory Motor Amnesia. This can be changed through relearning our movement patterns to reawaken dampened neural connections between our brain and our body.” —Mayank.

Through a range of non-threatening, accessible somatic movement patterns and exercise, you will:

  • Correct misaligned posture
  • Release muscle tension
  • Build sensory motor awareness
  • Build new neural pathways between your brain and body
  • Build and maintain strength and stability
  • Naturally increase a greater range of motion
  • Increses your energy level
  • Enhance your enjoyment of moving through life with your body

The Spirit of KirtanKIRTAN
While living in India, Shikhaa and Mayank studied Indian classical music. They bring this lightness and joy of singing into their courses. Kirtan is not about performing, rather it is about healing the grooves that have been built in the mind from the pressures to perform, to succeed, or to impress others.

Kirtan simply uplifts the spirit, through the powerful resonance of the Sanskrit sounds ones entire body can be transformed. At the end of the day, the community gathers, the guitars and drums come out, and the program is completed with a celebration of the purpose of life – to live in love and joy. More about Kirtan.

Fudamental Movement with Mayank

I was a teacher by profession and then pursued a career in music. Having experienced the unifying power of music, I was curious to know the subtle interconnectedness between us all. Keen to probe deeper, in 1986 I came to India to understand the source of sound through meditation at the International Meditation Centre ( I.M.I ).

When I came to India, I was fascinated with Indian classical music. I studied tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) until a repetitive strain injury forced me to take a break. Along with Shikhaa and other friends at I.M.I, I was still able to play kirtan (spiritual chanting), and I came to experience this music as a profound channel to deepen my meditation.

Alongside my enthusiasm for music, I have practised Hatha Yoga throughout my years in India. I teach yoga at I.M.I., and I am a certified Soma-Yoga teacher. I have been awarded a Masters in Meditation and Yoga from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad World Yoga Council, India.

Through Soma-Yoga, I found a great means to enable people to reconnect with their own movement patterns by awakening sensory motor awareness. This has led me to discover the emerging wave of primal movement science. I started teaching a class I call Fundamental Movement, to encourage even those without a yoga practice to come and move in a non-threatening way. Fundamental Movement builds basic core strength and flexibility through simple primal movements. These movements correct alignment and posture, enhance strength and stability, and reconnect the relationship between your body and mind by firing neural muscular connections in the brain.



You may bring your spouse, partner, friend or children, who can relax in their own space during the classes. They can take part in the walks, meal times and the evening kirtan. Day treks to explore local sights can be arranged.

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