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Wisdom of Meditation Tour
Toronto Canada August 2018

Satsang & Meditation Tour Cananda



Wisdom of MeditationCliffcrest Pranayam and Soma Yoga Workshop
Traditional yoga and pranayam practices – evolved to be beneficial in today’s world.

WHEN: Thursday 16 August, 2018
10:30 - 12:00  Pranayam (conscious breathing practice)
1:30 - 3:00  Soma Yoga
WHERE: Cliffcrest Fitness. 2967 Kingston road (Cliffcrest Plaza) Scarborough
COST:  $30 per session or $50 for both sessions

Pranayam – Conscious Breathing Practices with Rebecca
Innovative breathing practices that work to relax the nervous system and thereby bring an imbalanced, drained or disordered energy into alignment.

Rebecca’s pranayam practice can be integrated into your busy life to both strengthen your nervous system and deepen your meditation.

Soma Yoga with Mayank
Relax, breathe and unlock a new sense of ease and mobility through gentle guided Somatic Movements.

Through gentle Somatic movements you will:

  • Create space in your body
  • Relieve built up muscle tension
  • Experience greater mobility
  • Refresh the neuro-muscular connections between your brain
    and body
  • Free up your breathing and revitalise your nervous system.



Wisdom of Meditation Cottage Retreat
WHERE: Bancroft, Ontario
WHEN: August 17 – 19, 2018
COST: Early Bird Price:1 room with ensuite - $565 CAD
           Shared accommodation (2 - 4 to a room) - $295 CAD
          Camping onsite or stay at nearby B&B- $265 CAD

A special exclusive weekend retreat with spiritual teachers Rebecca and Mayank.

Treat yourself to a weekend of yoga and meditation and feel nourished by the quiet and gentle surroundings of this quaint country cottage. Come and be inspired and uplifted through the presence and teachings of two authentic yogis, who are touring Canada from India to share the way they live their lives - in the wisdom of meditation.
(limited to 15 people).

See DETAILS for information on cost, location, program & accommodation.


The Wisdom of the Heart
WHERE: Grail Springs Wellness Retreat Centre, Bancroft, Ontario
WHEN: August 20 - 21, 2018
           7:00 – 8:00 pm: Rebecca talks on The Wisdom of the Heart 
           8:00 – 9:00 pm: Kirtan and meditation with Rebecca and Mayank - clearing the            mirror of the heart through singing and devotion to one’s true Self.

To realise the oneness of all life look to the wisdom of the heart. When you are tuned in to the heart, you are tuned in to the value of all life, where there is no struggle of opposition because the heart is life ever present.

Having lived in India for more than thirty years, meditating, studying, and now teaching the Vedic Wisdom of non-duality, Rebecca speaks to our inherent wisdom that is true intelligence.  She is passionate to share the knowledge of how to regain the heart’s wisdom.


Wisdom of Meditation Weekend Retreat
WHERE: Red Canoe, Toronto
WHEN: August 24 – 26, 2018
COST: Full weekend program - $300 CAD (kirtan included)
           Evening kirtan (7-9 pm) - $25 CAD

A weekend satsang, meditation and Soma Yoga workshop with spiritual teachers Rebecca & Mayank in Toronto. Rebecca's satsang addresses your every-day questions integrating non-dual wisdom into your life. Rebecca's innovative breathing practices work to ground and relax the nervous system.

Mayank's Soma Yoga class will guide you to explore the possiblities of movement through fully undersanding the body/mind connection and how it directly translates into movement in day-to-day life. To release tension by somatic movements improves our posture and mobility and builds a new and healthy ‘normal’ within your body.

You can join us for the day’s program starting 9:00 am, and invite your family or friends to join for the evening kirtan (sanskrit chanting) from 7:00 pm onwards. Kirtan uplifts the spirit, through the powerful resonance of the Sanskrit sounds ones entire body can be transformed. Their kirtan is not to be missed!

See DETAILS for information on cost, location, program & accommodation.