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Retreat Himalaya Testimonials

What Participants Say

Thank you so much for the inspiring, thought provoking program to which you and Mayank gave so much attention. We particularly appreciated your warm humanity, vulnerablity and well thought ways to impart your wisdom. You gave us both clarity and practical direction. We look forward to seeing you in Sydney.
—Nicky Marshall, Australia

Your teachings are wise, compassionate, crystal clear and perfect truth. Your generosity rang through the retreat – spiritual, heart, humour, time, and music. Attending has done me such good because it was a relief to feel at ease in a group to connect with like-minded fellow Dutch friends. And to gradually gain distance from concerns, worries, attachments and shame of not being good enough to belong. I believe there’s been a subtle but deep shift on clarity and realisation through meditation, satsang and the drive to Rohtang Pass and the walk down to Kothi. I loved how you facilitated the group, allowing everyone their dignity while also connecting the group members in a safe way.
—Els Heij , Portland, USA

Thank you for a wonderful retreat. You are radiating and giving so much love to everyone in the group. It is truly wonderful. It is difficult for me to put into words what it means to me to be at your retreat. It’s life-changing for me. I will certainly come again next time. I feel very grateful and happy. Thank you for being our inspiration. Coming to the retreat for a second time has deepened my conviction that I have found my path. More peace and quiet inside me. How wonderful is that! We loved staying at Hotel Naggar Delights. You and Mayank work so well together.
—Lies Vandenassum, Netherlands

I love it. Discovered meditation, pranayam, satsang. I love the satsang, Pranayam and Soma Yoga the best. A good integration between both. I would like to participate in a future retreat with the theme of the Gita. I loved this first introduction to Vedas and would like to know more. Food good. Shikhaa and Mayank, you are real masters and we don’t meet people like you often in life. Thank you so much.
—Paule Ricine, Montreal, Canada

Excellent location, with lots of different spaces to convene in. Excellent rooms – the view!! Comfortable bed, great shower. Schedule – well placed, with great interplay of meditation, movement, sharing satsang, excursions.
Shikhaa – you are so inclusive and clear, with such a lightness in presenting the richness of Vedant.
Mayank – patience shines through you. No problem repeating instructions over and over until full understood.
I loved being here. Love both of you from that deep place that we know so well of indivisible, unconditional love.
—Komalta Heidi, Toronto, Canada

Morning meditation and pranayam is a beautiful start to the mornings together. Satsangs are lovely. Shikhaa, your clarity, bliss, playfulness are a delight. It was fabulous to receive satsang on the Self from your perspective after being at the ashram. Movement – Mayank, delightful, fun and upbeat delicious. I appreciated the 2 hour time period everyday. Meditation Mandala – good to be together, a continuation of the morning. Kirtan – love it.
Overall – a wonderful experience. I also appreciate the team work of you two. Wonderful watching the moment to moment adjustments that come with this workshop and the confidence that all is fine and perfect the way it is as the various forms of play.

—Steve Chadwick, Toronto, Canada

Thank you. I have enjoyed this retreat in many more ways than I ever imagined. The love and care you put in to the retreat is evident in every part of the day. I have learned so much and look forward to learning so much more.
—Elaine Doyle, Vancouver, Canada

Meditation and pranayam, very good. I learned new techniques, especially the chakra movements I loved very much.
Shikhaa, you were ‘channelling’ the knowledge through you, and that was great. It is a precious gift. The satsang was very good. You talked about the most important subjects, which is good in 8 days. Soma Yoga – Mayank, you offered me a new range of movements, which I found great to do, a joy and good for my back. You are very talented to do this. You are clear in respecting the integrity of each body and possibilities of each one. You made the talks about body and mind visible and to a direct experience. Really very good. What a great path to go and I hope you stay experiencing the joy to teach it to people. The hikes were wonderful, Rohtang pass excellent. I loved it. Singing kirtan is such a joy. So in total, a very good retreat, good place, evolved people. Very good programme.

—Resie Moonen, Netherlands

I came to this retreat with one intention: integrating all the emotional sufferings – mission accomplished. The retreat was very well organised, lodgings superb, food exquisite. We are loaded with information which will take time to digest. It will take supplemental satsang online with you to integrate all that knowledge. Mayank’s part will have a strong impact on my practice as I will adapt his way readity. Shikhaa and Mayank, you are two heart-headed persons whom I love very much. Your generosity, your patience, your unfailing dedication made this retreat a milestone in my life.
—Jean Michel, Montreal, Canada

Thank you two so much for making this experience possible for me. And giving me the great present of creating a new satsangee friend by including Chelsea too. You have given us enough soul food to thrive on for the rest of our lives and I cannot put in words how grateful I am for this. You touched me so deeply, overwhelmingly deep, and I absolutely love it. Learning from the two of you is incredibly helpful and inspiring, empowering – setting free.
This retreat has been PERFECT and I look up to you so much, the way you guided us through this experience, the way you addressed our struggles and concerns, the way you made everybody feel so integrated, so much a part of it.
So fully accepted, so complete, I just want to thank you. It broadened my view on so many things and I now have the ability to really absorb and learn wisely.  I feel very empowered to ‘face’ my life. I think from all the things that I could learn at this point, this is the most valuable and relevant ‘thing’ that I will continue my journey with.

—Sinja Baumann, Berlin, Germany

"Shikhaa and Mayank, you are both the most inspiring, enchanting and spiritual persons I would ever have wanted to meet at this turning point of my life. You have chosen the most spectacular places for this inner journey, from the depths of my soul to the heights of the Himalayas. I will always cherish in my heart the beautiful moment I’ve been blessed to spend with you, especially singing Sanskrit around the fire. You have successfully fulfilled your mission – ONENESS. I feel proud to be one of you and with you."
—Dina Carri, Egypt

Shikhaa – what can I say! I find myself looking for that pause from which to speak from. It has been incredible. Thank you so much for the down to earth, practical way in which you teach meditation, and talk satsang. It is amazing how you are there for everyone. Mayank, I love the way you have brought Somatics, Original Strength, and Foundation Training to work together to provide an all rounded approach to body care and awareness. It has been amazing to see the ‘break-throughs’ in your class. You work goes beyond anything I have experienced before and I’d love to see yoga instructors and physiotherapists adopt some of these techniques to incorporate into their classes and appointments.
—Cree Hatfield, New Zealand

At the end of the retreat I felt healthier, stronger, more balanced. Mayank and Shikhaa are wonderful hosts, I can recommend this retreat to everyone.
—Rob Hessing, Netherlands

Shikhaa and Mayank are so knowledgeable, and through their teachings I feel like my body, mind and soul have been challenged, nourished, and enlightened. I will definitely come back again and again to experience everything Retreat Himalaya has to offer.
—Janice Thylmann, Canada

Mayank, I know what I wanted from Mayank and he delivered. I am fitter – much fitter than when I arrived for the retreat. Shikhaa, thank you. It was truly my ‘moment in time’ with you, for which I am eternally blessed.
—Moyin L’Esperance, Seychelles

Shikhaa brought us to this higher level of consciousness of the ‘I’ with patience, and her great power to understand us all at a deep level, through meditation, satsang, simplicity, joy, wisdom, love and perseverance. Mayank gave us the power to bring us to the awareness that this westernized and atrophied body can reach to the edge of our uncertain possibilities. Shikhaa and Mayank, you created a safe, nurturing environment for everyone to take their steps onward in spiritual growth. You made it very easy for everybody to feel accepted – no matter from which point in this process the person came from. I have spent two wonderful weeks together with you and the group, and I am sure that this will make a difference in my life onward. Thank you.
—Gudrun Simons, Germany

An amazing period of time, full of variety and opportunities to observe ourselves and adapt, as that is always part of life. The stream of meditation continually flowing throughout the days was deeply nourishing and settling. My appreciation and gratitude to you both for creating this fabulous retreat. You have poured your hearts, souls, and fullness of being into every aspect and it has been perfect.
—Susan Drury, Canada

Retreat Himalaya was a great experience. Great locations and great hospitality. You are both very good teachers and I am greatly inspired. I have made further steps into becoming a more complete human being. This might be a game-changer for me!
—Piet Pasveer, Netherlands

Beautiful settings and accommodations. Friendly, caring, helpful guesthouse staff.  Food was nourishing, delicious and well balanced.  Great to see Himachal lifestyle and awesome scenery. It was great the way you divided the group based on fitness. Great way to start the day with meditation. Yoga was balanced – from head to toe. Satsang was interesting, well informed, put together in a clear way. Kirtan was a great way to end the day in togetherness and building relationships. A friendly group and a wonderful experience.
—Asheera Davis, USA

Very well organized. Accommodations were lovely. Food was amazing. Yoga instruction was quality. Satsang and mediation was deep and insightful. The hikes were fun. Group number was perfect, and we all became one family – much appreciated. Next time I come I hope to bring my daughter.
—Carrie Lazar, Canada

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