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Meditation & Movement - Satsang & Song @ Strathean Retreat Centre, Te Horo, 2020
Integrating Self-Awareness and Meditation in Daily Life

Meditation Retreat

"Thank you for a wonderful retreat. You both radiate so much love to everyone in the group. It is truly wonderful and life-changing. I will certainly come again next time." —Lies Vandenassum, Netherlands

There are no steps, no stages, no attaining, no striving, no labels, no dogmas

What is Advaita Vedanta (non-dual wisdom)
and how does it illumine the way to live in the awareness of freedom and love?

Meet Shikhaa and Mayank
Shikhaa and Mayank have returned to NZ after 35 years living in India, having imbibed teachings from the wisdom tradition (Advaita Vedanta). They are modern spiritual teachers who share this ancient knowledge in a relevant and accessible format. They are living examples of what they teach and make meditation accessible, practical and fun.



  • Enquire beyond the bounds of the personal filter that colours your world. An enlightened perspective in understanding yourself – from the limitations of, ‘I am small self’ to ‘I is One - ever-present and free’ based on the wisdom teachings, Advaita Vedanta (knowledge of Oneness).
  • The teachings of Patanjali Yog Darshan: A selection of key verses, including the eight limbs of yoga, taught from a unique and relatable perspective.
  • The wisdom of knowledge in action, from the deep teachings of Ashtavaka and Bhagavad Gita.
  • Pranayam (conscious breathing) focusing on Kumbhak, how to suspend your breath effortlessly to open the transcendent state, Samadhi.
  • The power of repeating Sanskrit mantras in the transformation and evolution of your consciousness.
  • A 6-day Somatic Movement course: The fundamentals will be revisited each day, plus a specific daily focus on: the back; neck and shoulders; legs and hips; torso and core; full body integration moves).
  • A downloadable video of the Somatic fundamentals will be made available to all participants.
    Functional Movement: A chance for regular daily practise to build new movement habits to strengthen and build stability in the body and mind.
  • Integrating the awareness of meditation and breath into conscious movement, to bring about clarity, ease and well-being.


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Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo, (1 hr. north of Wellington).

September 21-27, Meditation Immersion Retreat

COST: (per person)
(Accommodation, all meals and teachings included)
1. Meditation Immersion Retreat: $990



  • How to sustain your meditation practice when daily life is busy.
  • How to stay in your centre during social and family gatherings and interactions.
  • Transform your perspective on mind-dramas, worries, stress and agitation.
  • Rest and take a 'dip' in the source of your Being and remember, you are not born to suffer or struggle.
  • Gentle Aware Somatic Movement to down-regulate and revitalise the nervous system.
  • To be more conscious of how we breath and move, to nourish our brain and body with healthy Functional Movement practises.
  • Grounding, stabilising and strengthening our mind-body connection.


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Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo, (1 hr. north of Wellington).

December 2-6,
Refresher Course & Stress-Relief Retreat

COST: (per person)
(Accommodation, all meals and teachings included)
Refresher Course & Stress-Relief Retreat: $690



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"Thank you so much for the inspiring, thought provoking retreat program to which you gave so much attention. I particularly appreciated your warm humanity and well thought ways to impart your wisdom. You gave us clarity and practical direction." —Nicky Marshall, New Zealand

"I discovered meditation, pranayam, satsang and somatic movement. A great integration of activities. I would like to participate in a future retreat. Shikhaa and Mayank, you are real masters and we don’t meet people like you often in life. Thank you so much." —Paule Ricine, Canada



"I loved being at your retreat. Shikhaa – you are so inclusive and clear, with such a lightness in presenting the richness of Advaita Vedanta. Mayank – patience shines through you. A wonderful experience. I also appreciate your harmonious team work." —Steve Campbell, New Zealand

" Thank you. I have enjoyed this retreat in many more ways than I ever imagined. The love and care you put in to the retreat is evident in every part of the day. I have learned so much and look forward to learning so much more." —Elaine Doyle, Canada


Meditation Retreat VancouverABOUT SHIKHAA
Shikhaa is a guiding light to all who wish for freedom from the mind’s limited view. For thirty-five years, Shikhaa has lived in India, immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Satang (Self knowledge).

Having deeply studied the teachings from the Vedic tradition of non-dualism (Advaita Vedanta) she is a modern spiritual teacher who shares this ancient knowledge in a relevant and accessible format.

Shikhaa is a living example of what she teaches. Join her to meditate and integrate healthy thinking in order to live a conscious and loving life. “Meditation is natural and allows the revelation of your ever-free Self to be revealed and directly hear your inherent wisdom and joy.”
— Shikhaa


Soma Yoga with MayankABOUT MAYANK
Mayank was a teacher by profession and then pursued a career in music. Having experienced the unifying power of music, he was curious to know the subtle interconnectedness between us all. Keen to probe deeper, in 1986 he went to India to understand the source of sound through meditation at the International Meditation Centre (I.M.I). 

In India, he studied tabla (Indian percussion instrument) and along with Shikhaa and other friends at I.M.I spent many blissful hours playing kirtan (spiritual chanting) and came to experience that this music is a profound channel to deepen the meditation practice. 

Alongside his enthusiasm for music, he practised Hatha Yoga and is a certified Soma-Yoga teacher and teaches Movement classes at I.M.I. He has been awarded a Masters in Meditation and Yoga from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad World Yoga Council, India. 

Through Somatic Movement, Mayank found a great means to enable people to reconnect with their movement patterns by awakening sensory motor awareness. This led him to discover the emerging wave of primal movement science and thus he started teaching Functional Movement, to encourage even those without a yoga practice to come and move in a non-threatening way.

In more detail ...
Shikhaa’s guided meditation leads the mind directly to the ever-present awareness, free from identification with the troubles of the thinking mind. After meditating with Shikhaa, one is able to effortlessly and joyfully integrate meditation in their daily lives and witness the upliftment in their sense of well-being.

SATSANG (Self Enquiry)
Satsang ignites the enquiry into life’s deeper purpose, based on non-dual teachings (Advaita Vedanta) by way of discussion, contemplation, meditation and techniques how to apply wisdom in action.

Shikhaa teaches in the spirit of spontaneity. Using every-day examples, her satsang cultivates freedom from the mind's limited perspective and opens our potential to live an integrated and fulfilled life. “Satsang and meditation are like two wings of a bird; in unison they turn the attention of the mind to rediscover our true nature - ever-present, ever-lit, ever-free.” –Shikhaa

PRANAYAM (Conscious Breathing Practice)
When you live in a fast-paced and pressured environment, you need to make time to consciously rest and relax. Shikhaa has customized four simple breathing exercises, derived from traditional breathing practices, to help balance, ground and relax an overloaded and misaligned nervous system.

Her simple and innovative breathing program can be completed in a few minutes – perfect for adapting to a busy lifestyle – or extended for longer periods to deepen your meditation practice. “Pranayam is one of the great gifts from the ancient yogis who realised peace, love, truth and harmony in their lives, and who, through mastering the pran (subtle energy) could live a blessed state of Being.” –Shikhaa

Somatic Movement is a gentle aware practise that works with the muscle to brain connection. By moving slowly and consciously we allow muscles to lengthen effortlessly and release tension held there.  Because emotional and mental tension also get stored in our body, we are not just releasing muscles, but our whole being (soma = our full being). The result is pain free movement, with greater mobility and balance, and a sense of ease permeating the whole nervous system.

Functional Movement is a more dynamic practise, that compliments the yin nature of somatic movement beautifully. Our bodies and brain need to move in ways that foster strength and stability. Mayank takes a playful, and exploratory approach to moving that encourages us to find movement opportunities in our life every day. 

Conscious movement leads us to a truer expression of ourselves, bringing clarity and well-being into our action and our stillness.

Singing simple Sanskrit mantras as a means to integrate the knowledge of joy and freedom into our direct experience.

Kirtan is not about performing, rather it heals the past impressions that have been built in the mind due to the pressures to perform, to succeed, or to impress others.

While living in India, Shikhaa and Mayank studied Indian classical music and joined many kirtans sung in temples all over India. They bring this lightness and joy of singing in their retreats.

Kirtan simply uplifts the spirit, through the powerful resonance of the Sanskrit sounds ones entire body can be transformed. At the end of the day, the community gathers, the guitars and drums come out, and the program is completed with a celebration of the purpose of life – to live in love and joy. More about Kirtan.

"Your teachings are wise, compassionate and clear. Attending your retreat has been so transformative for me because it was a relief to feel at ease in a group to connect with like-minded friends and to gain distance from concerns, worries, attachments and shame of not being good enough to belong. I loved how you facilitated the group, allowing everyone their dignity while also connecting the group members in a safe way." —Els Heij, USA

"I came to this retreat with one intention: integrating emotional sufferings – mission accomplished. Shikhaa and Mayank, you are two heart-headed persons whom I love very much. Your generosity, your patience, your unfailing dedication made this retreat a milestone in my life." —Jean Michel, Quebec

"Thank you two so much for making this experience possible. You have given us enough soul food to thrive on for the rest of our lives and I cannot put in words how grateful I am for this. Learning from the two of you is incredibly helpful, inspiring and empowering. Your teachings broadened my view on so many things and I now feel empowered to ‘face’ my life. From all that I could learn at this point, this is the most valuable and relevant knowledge that I can continue my journey with." —Sinja Baumann, Germany

"Shikhaa and Mayank, you are both the most inspiring, enchanting and spiritual persons I would ever have wanted to meet at this turning point of my life. I will cherish in my heart this beautiful experience. I’ve been blessed to spend this time with you, especially singing Sanskrit around the fire. You have successfully fulfilled your mission – ONENESS. I feel proud to be one of you and with you." —Dina Carri, Egypt

"Thank you so much for the down to earth, practical way in which you teach meditation and talk satsang. It is amazing how you are there for everyone. Mayank, I love the way you have brought Somatics, Original Strength, and Foundation Training to work together to provide an all rounded approach to body care and awareness. It has been amazing to see the ‘break-throughs’ in your class. You work goes beyond anything I have experienced before." —Cree Hatfield, New Zealand

"At the end of the retreat I felt healthier, stronger, more balanced. Mayank and Shikhaa are wonderful hosts, I can recommend this retreat to everyone." —Rob Hessing, Netherlands

"Shikhaa and Mayank are so knowledgeable, and through their teachings I feel like my body, mind and soul have been challenged, nourished, and enlightened. I will definitely come back again and again to experience everything your retreats have to offer." —Janice Stewart, New Zealand

"Shikhaa brought us to this higher level of consciousness of the ‘I’ with patience, and power to understand us all at a deep level, through meditation, satsang, simplicity, joy, wisdom, love and perseverance. Mayank gave us the power to bring us to the awareness that this westernized and atrophied body can reach to the edge of our uncertain possibilities. Shikhaa and Mayank, you created a safe, nurturing environment for everyone to take their steps onward in spiritual growth. You made it very easy for everybody to feel accepted – no matter from which point in this process the person came from. I am sure that this will make a difference in my life onward. Thank you." —Gudrun Simons, Germany

"This has been an amazing turning point in my life. The stream of meditation flowing throughout the days was deeply nourishing and settling. My appreciation and gratitude to you both for creating this fabulous retreat. You have poured your hearts, souls, and fullness of being into every aspect and it has been perfect." —Susan Thomson, New Zealand

There are no levels in meditation; the Wisdom of Meditation program is suitable for all.

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